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  • HaineUser ist offline


    Registriert: 15.10.2009
    Beitraege: 1

    15.10.2009 um 13:53 Uhr

    Hello :)

    My name is Haine, in real people call me Sabrina.
    I life in Germany in Hamburg.
    Since 2004 I use Photoshop and interested in design.
    I'm 21 years old and my english is horrible. :C
    I hope you can understand my written. :D

    Dear greetings Haine ore Sabrina. 8(

  • himbeereUser ist offline


    Registriert: 25.12.2007
    Beitraege: 334

    15.10.2009 um 18:12 Uhr

    Hello Haine,

    lol, you can also write in German if it's easier for you. There's also a German Forum.
    But well...

    Welcome to Alice-Grafixx.
    Hope, you'll like it here.

    By the way, I love Hamburg :). Tomorrow I'm going there for some days. I can wait to go shopping haha.

    And: are you a fan of Arina Tanemura ? :D


    [:3 Mada Mada Dane :3]
  • -Name-User ist offline
    Mod of the night


    Registriert: 19.04.2007
    Beitraege: 688

    17.10.2009 um 13:32 Uhr

    Welcome at Alice-Grafixx Haine! :)

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